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TripleF Fruit stands for First for Fruit supply. The TripleF Fruit team has nearly 100 years of experience and specialises in importing fresh fruit from the Southern Hemisphere. Hard and soft fruit are our largest product groups.

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Hard and soft fruit are our largest product groups, and we can justifiably call ourselves specialists with these fruit types. We are passionate and we have built up a large network growers, retailers, food processing and logistics links, based on years of experience and genuine expertise.


We have a unique range of products available, thanks to our connections and experience. TripleF Fruit has established strong ties with its buyers through an extensive network and our role in linking everything together.

Product Range

The versatile TripleF Fruit product range consists of top fruit such as apples and pears, soft fruit, blueberries, raspberries, red currants, grapes, drupes and kiwifruit that mainly come from the southern hemisphere.


Thanks to many years of expertise and efficient working methods, no waste occurs during the transport and packaging process. All products are carefully handled and very well protected.

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