We make healthy food accesible for everyone

With our expertise and focus we make the difference

Everyone should have access to genuine and healthy fruit. TripleF fruit is the connecting factor between customer/consumer and cultivation. We ensure that fresh fruit is always available and affordable. We provide added value by making the chain transparent and by motivating and advising in an inspiring manner about how to achieve optimal quality and a sustainable chain.


Global growers network of
innovative family businesses

With our expertise and our growers we truly make the difference. For years, we have been working exclusively with the biggest family businesses that do not need cooperatives. They are professional and innovative, and for generations long have proved themselves as high-quality growers who know how to respond to changing market developments.

We are the connecting factor in this worldwide network. Thanks to our global network, we are up-to-date everywhere with regard to developments and situations within an ever-changing global market. That makes us very flexible and in the position to offer year-round continuity in prices, quality and volume. We endeavour to ensure that the consumer does not notice any seasonal transitions other than a small adjustment on the shelf card.

In addition to selecting the right quality for our customers, we also offer sustainable solutions for other produce of our growers. Thus we also have a wide sales channel for the rest of the produce. This is jointly working on a sustainable future.


Total peace of mind from harvest up to the store with focus on sustainability and efficiency

Logistics plays an essential role in the chain in achieving sustainability, in which produce freshness is paramount. Together with our logistical partners, we are able to deliver a full package of services that gives our customers complete peace of mind. This enables us to look beyond our limits and to shift these.

Our supply chain department is designed to constantly look for efficiency and improvements.

By sharing data and experiences with our customers and suppliers, we achieve transparency throughout the chain. This ensures an optimal stock position and guarantee of delivery.


Quality and sustainability are top of mind

Quality assurance starts in the field. We collaborate with growers who place innovation and quality at the top of their agenda. Every container is inspected at departure and at arrival. After that, we inspect several times at our distribution centre and we monitor the entire track. In addition to our monitoring, together with our customers, we check their findings and combine this together with the results of the customer panel. We combine all this together and strive for continuous improvements in order to influence a positive experience by the consumer


In addition to quality, we also provide the certainty about food safety. You can certainly assume that our food is safe. Below you will find an overview of our certifications.


Marketing for inspiration

Your consumer, our inspiration. The customer is at the centre. Our marketing team is constantly busy identifying the wishes and requirements of the consumer and the developments in the market. We combine this and reflect this in inspiring activities in the area of promotion, communication and innovation. We explicitly look for connection within the entire chain when we undertake these activities.

Category management

Developing the category into the future

To continue to respond to changing developments, it is important to align the category with these developments. That is why we combine our marketing surveys in the category. We think along in the area of space management and coaching at the store level. We also actively promote taste and new varieties. This in combination with customer panels and benchmark surveys forms the basis for an in-depth category analysis.