TripleF Fruit specialises in importing fresh fruit from the Southern Hemisphere

We have a unique range of products available, thanks to our connections and experience. TripleF Fruit has established strong ties with its buyers through an extensive network and our role in linking everything together.

Our expertise also includes packing consumer units from bulk products, and delivery of customised packaged units. Based on years of expertise, we can deliver optimal results for suppliers and customers alike.

We use short lines and transparent communication to guarantee an efficient cost structure. With TripleF Fruit you are guaranteed access to a highly controlled, full process, from grower to buyer, and you always receive fresh, high-quality products.


TripleF Fruit works with suppliers that are Global Gap certified. Our suppliers often also hold the social standard certificate GRASP.

These certificates are available for inspection at TripleF.

TripleF Fruit holds the following certificates:

– IFS Broker (download)

– SKAL (download)

– QS certificaat (download)

– Planet Proof (download)

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