Quality by experts

Professional work for professional people

A yearning for progress is in our DNA. We continuously look for improvements to enable us to do a bit better for our customers, partners and the world. We are experts in our profession and we convey this in an inspiring way.

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Basis: Our core values

We are passionate

We are real professionals. We work passionately with our partners and we are driven every day to do just a bit better.

We are loyal

We are loyal to one another and to our partners. Our relationships are based on mutual trust and transparency in order to build a long-lasting relationship for the future.

We are experts.

We have years of experience in our produce groups. We know exactly what goes on at our growers and in the market. We know our consumers and their requirements and we can combine all this into targeted improvements for the future. We dare to make choices that result in growth and advantages and we do this based on personal attention and quality.


We are committed and we strongly believe in win-win for sustainable partnerships. We share knowledge, experience and return with our partners.

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