Your customer, our inspiration

We know what the consumer wants, now and in the future

By learning about the wishes and requirements of consumers and responding to this, we position ourselves as a strategic partner for our customers. We bring the insights of consumers together with our expertise and consequently, realise a long-lasting collaboration in the chain. This enables the field to develop continuously according to the needs of the consumers.

Always available

Consumption times shift. Consumers always want the best quality fresh fruit to be available. That makes continuity and availability paramount in order to continue responding to this ever growing trend.

Thanks to our expertise and global network, we are able to supply our produce all year round. Our global network gives us the flexibility to absorb fluctuations and with our expertise, we ensure that challenging periods such as seasonal transitions run smoothly. This means that consumers always have their favourite fruits available and get the best value for their money.


Affordable for everyone

Fresh fruit within everyone’s reach. That is our mission. Sustainable fresh fruit need not be expensive. We always strive for the most efficient and shortest chain in order to keep our overhead costs as low as possible. This means that the consumer pays a fair price based on a sustainable chain.

To realise a sustainable chain, we operate in full transparency. We operate in openness within the chain so together with our partners we can ensure that our fresh produce also remain affordable for everyone in the future.


Shelf-life at home

For us, sustainability does not end at the back door. We perfectly understand that a satisfied consumer is a valued consumer in the long-run. That is why we believe it is important that the consumer can continue to enjoy our produce for long periods.

Next to realising the most efficient chain, our quality department plays an important role in this. Quality assurance starts in the field. We work together with growers who are very progressive in innovations and quality. Every container is inspected at departure and at arrival. After that, we inspect several times at our distribution centre and we monitor the entire track from tree to fruit bowl. In addition to our monitoring, together with our customers, we check the performance. In a joint effort, we look for improvements that will contribute to a positive effect on the experience of the consumer.


Sustainable into the future

Realising a sustainable chain is team work. To ensure that we can always provide a sustainable solution for the customer and the consumer, we deploy a sustainable relationship management. We believe in complete transparency in order to jointly look for win-win situations. The intention is to continue developing sustainable chains and sustainable produce that remain affordable for every consumer.