Sustainability themes

Sustainable developments goals

Enjoy the most delicious fruits and contribute to a better world. We believe that this goes hand in hand. By connecting commercial results with sustainability objectives, we intertwine sustainability in our company culture. We have divided our focus into three segments.

Healthy people

Training courses and a healthy environment for all

Our employees are the success factor in TripleF. That is why we devote lots of attention to their health and training. We offer plenty of training possibilities and ensure a safe work environment. We also ensure an ideal work climate by setting up our new office facility and providing a tasty and healthy lunch.

Contributing through community involvement

We are located in the heart of fruit cultivation. This region has given us plenty. Which is why we like making our contribution to this region. We have therefore provided support to the elderly population during this lonely corona period.

Inspiring consumers to make healthier choices

We inspire people to live a healthier life. Our fresh produce contributes to the daily vitamin requirement and the result of our focus makes this produce durable and affordable for everyone. So everyone, can eat fruits every day, which is a responsible consumption behaviour leading to a healthier life.

Reduce waste

We are constantly looking for ways to reduce the impact on the environment. That is why we make an effort to have less waste in the chain.

Reducing waste from field to fork

We strive to buy all the produce of our growers. We search for balanced purchase channels in order to market various sizes and types. This prevents unnecessary waste at the start of the chain and contributes to a sustainable long-term relationship with the growers.

Efficient and shortest possible communication lines

We store produce and pack it with utmost care. Our supply chain department takes care of having optimal flow, stock and together with our experienced partners, we ensure that waste is minimised.

Shelf optimisation with a focus on sustainable packaging

Our responsibility does not stop at the back door. We help our partners by thinking together and coaching in the best possible set-ups at the stores. We also analyse forecasts and order behaviour and where necessary we advise in order to realise optimal stock/flow.

Sustainable trade

Tracebility & transparency from field to fork

To achieve more sustainable practices, we base our approach on openness and transparency. We are open about sourcing, costs and logistical lines in order to work jointly towards achieving sustainable, future-proof solutions. Traceability plays an important role in this. After identifying the links in the chain, we continuously analyse and search for sustainable and sufficient solutions that will help optimise that chain.

Win-win partnerships for a healthy chain

Achieving a healthy chain requires a joint effort. Long-term relationships are essential to this and are formed by working based on win-win structures that are established through complete openness and transparency. This makes it possible to create a healthy revenue model for all parties involved and with a focus on the customer. It is only with healthy chains that we can continuously respond to the ever-changing world around us.

Innovating together towards sustainable solutions

To be able to continually respond to an ever-changing world, innovation is of the utmost importance. Our win-win partnerships make it possible to endlessly innovate and find sustainable solutions that enable continuous progress towards a healthier world.